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Raf Van Puymbroeck, 26 years old from Antwerp, Belgium. He teaches dance and sports education at college Thomas More and trains professional dancers for competitions for 5 years now. As Mr Gay Belgium 2016 and Mr Gay Europe 2016 he wants to go further with his actions and journey for the LGBT community. As founder of TRINXX, he wants to point out that you can be who you want to be and should never stop being you.

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Bert Van Compernolle, 25 years old from Sint-Niklaas. He started disco dancing, and at the age of 13 he began to participate  at national and international competitions. Later he followed many workshops in different styles, and became more interested in urban dancing. With Trinxx, he wants to make a statement that you should think out the box and be yourself! 


Jef De Prins, 24 years old from Olen, Belgium. He started as an Acro Rock dancer but soon found his passion in the urban dance scene. Next to his study biology he dances for 4 years on a professional level. With TrinXX he wants to point out you have to go for what you want and not let anyone decide for you.